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Wild Wild Nest

Great Oil But Just Not For Me

Editor’s note: This post has been updated in light of recent events. See Final Thoughts on Wild Wild Nest Castor Oil section of this review. 

Today I’m reviewing the Castor Oil from Wild Wild Nest. Doesn’t that name just make you think of Africa and the Safari? Hi. It’s Michelle here, dreaming of an African Safari because of the name of this castor oil. Join me as I give you the great and not so great things about this oil.

The Packaging

The first thing that I’ll discuss is the packaging. I got this delivered at Marc’s office because I could not receive it on the day it was supposed to arrive at home. He said he didn’t mind. When he brought it home, the packaging envelope was already opened. To be fair Marc sent me a message asking if he can open the package. I’m reminded of a kid who cannot wait for Christmas morning to open their presents. The bottle is only 1 oz. worth of castor oil. It is made of amber colored glass and had a glass dropper. Inside the envelope were a mascara wand and an eyeliner brush placed in a small sealed plastic. The bottle was also sealed with tamper proof sealing.

Wild Wild Nest Castor Oil

How Wild Wild Nest Castor Oil Looks and Feels

The oil’s consistency is very thick but not too thick that it’s hard to apply on my skin.

The oil’s consistency is very thick but not too thick that it’s hard to apply on my skin. I applied it on my arm it absorbed well enough and did not feel greasy on my skin. The castor oil’s color is clear and did not have any awful odor. It held promise at that point.

Wild Wild Nest Castor Oil

That was the good part about this oil. The sad part happened when I tried using this oil to moisturize my skin. I had some dry patches on my arms and legs for some reason and I wanted to use this to moisturize my skin. But 3 days into applying it on my body, I got rashes. Tiny, itchy rashes that refused to go away until about 2 days later. I stopped using the product after I got rashes but I still kept wondering why I got them in the first place. Most organic castor oils I’ve used in the past did not give me this kind of allergic reaction.

Most organic castor oils I’ve used in the past did not give me this kind of allergic reaction.

Wild Wild Nest Castor Oil

After that incident, I didn’t want to use the oil anymore. I barely made a dent in the bottle and now I have to chuck it. I don’t want to give it to others or use it to massage Marc’s shoulders just so I could test if it won’t give them an allergic reaction. And also, because I don’t want any of them to experience what happened to me. I still kinda want to test it on my hair but at the same time, I’m wary of what can happen if I do. Luckily, they have a money back guarantee. I’m waiting for their response to my request for a full refund.

Luckily, they have a money back guarantee.

Final Thoughts on Wild Wild Nest Castor Oil

The Wild Wild Nest Castor Oil showed promise in the beginning but the allergic reaction I got from using the product made me stop using it immediately. I understand how some people like me can have sensitive reactions to different products while others don’t. I hope you have a better luck in using this product.

Wild Wild Nest Castor Oil

Update: After I reached out to Wild Wild Nest’s customer service, they acknowledged my dissatisfaction and said they will be giving me a full refund. They have great customer service; I almost felt bad that their castor oil didn’t do good for me.

Marc kept bugging me about doing a patch test on him to see if he’d have the same reaction so I did just to make him stop. Fortunately, he didn’t have a rash like I did, so he insisted I use it on him instead of taking it back. I said yes but the refund had pushed through. The Wild Wild Nest Castor seems to have worked for others, but just to be sure I suggest you do a patch test before using this oil.

More From Wild Wild Nest

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Other than Castor Oil Wild Wild Nest also offers products such as the Beard Comb and beard oil for men. Their beard oil can be used to groom and condition beards and mustache. They also have some teeth whitening powder. It contains Activated Charcoal which can help whiten teeth while going easy on your gums. It reduces teeth stains and remineralizes it to keep it strong.