Organic Castor Oil For Hair Growth and Eyelashes Prevents Hair Breakage & Fall, Natural Moisturizer 4 OZ - Promotes Skin & Scalp Health, From Shiny Leaf's Carrier Collection: 100% Pure, Cold Pressed

Shiny Leaf

For long eyelashes and bolder eyebrows. Great for hair and skin.

Editor’s Update: I bought another bottle of Shiny Leaf Castor Oil just recently. The packaging has changed but it’s the same incredible oil. I love it! I’ve posted the new photos. 

Hey, it’s me, Michelle! I have a confession to make. A few weeks ago, my sister tried castor oil on her eyelashes for the first time to help make it longer. It worked for her and I thought I’d try it for myself.

The product I bought is Shiny Leaf Castor Oil. It is 100% Pure and premium cold pressed castor oil. It is made of all-natural ingredients and is free of parabens and other harmful chemicals. This Shiny Leaf Castor Oil Review will show you what an amazing product this is.

The Shiny Leaf Castor Oil is Certified Organic by the USDA and EcoCert.

The Packaging

The castor oil came on time and came in a small box with a Shiny Leaf sticker in the front. I loved that Shiny Leaf personalized their box somehow so I know that this is from them even before I opened the box.

holding a bottle of castor oil closeup of the Shiny Leaf Castor Oil bottle

Inside the box were a huge, amber colored bottle and a glass dropper and mascara wand wrapped together in bubble wrap. I was so happy about the size of the castor oil because the other brands have smaller bottles and zero attachments. I really felt like I scored a great deal with this one.

How Shiny Leaf Castor Oil Looks and Feels

 I loved that the smell was not overpowering.

The oil itself was thick. Its color was light yellow and it smells subtly of ground up beans for me. I loved that the smell was not overpowering.  It tried it on my hands first because I knew that castor oil is great for nourishing my skin. The oil absorbed quickly into my skin and it did not leave any residue. I asked Mark to feel my hands for greasiness and he asked if I already had the oil on. It was great. It does not feel too greasy or too oily even if the oil came off thick. I didn’t have a hard time putting it on my skin because it came with a glass dropper. I was already very happy with the product and I haven’t even tried it on my lashes yet!

Showing the label of Shiny Leaf Castor Oil

After washing my face that night, I put on just a drop of castor oil on the mascara wand and applied it on my lashes. I did this for about 3 weeks or so without fail. Every night before bed became my castor oil ritual.

I was already very happy with the product and I haven’t even tried it on my lashes yet!

Using the Castor Oil

I used Shiny Leaf Castor Oil to condition my hair and like I said earlier to moisturize the skin. I also used it on my nails to keep it healthy. I love how my skin feels after using the oil. It does not feel dry. I also tried the oil on my eyebrows and hair to make it grow faster and thicker. The oil contains properties that can make hair grow. I can get rid of hair patches.

Back label of Shiny Leaf Castor Oil Shiny Leaf Castor Oil product information

I also used the castor oil to combine it with other oils to clean my face as a replacement to regular facial cleanser. This process is known as oil cleansing. It uses the antibacterial powers of different oils to clean the face and other parts of the body. It is an all-natural way of cleaning yourself that leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.  It works great with pure castor oils such as this one.

I love how my skin feels after using the oil.

Final Thoughts on Shiny Leaf Castor Oil

I love how I can do so many things with this oil. The big bottle is more than enough for my eyelashes and I have so much more left for other things such as using it as a conditioner and moisturizer. I was really surprised with the results after I used castor oil for eyelashes in just two weeks. I’m definitely going to order one again after I’ve finished this bottle. I recommend this to anyone who loves castor oil and other essential oils as much as I do.

Shiny Leaf Castor Oil with accessories

More From Shiny Leaf

I visited the Shiny Leaf website and found the other great products that they offer. They have some great skin care products and some beard oil products too. Marc’s going to love that. They have this Good Lip Day Organic Lip Balm Set, which I really love. This set comes with seven different lip balm flavors, which means I can use a different lip balm for every day of the week! How cool is that?

I also loved that my castor oil purchase came with this pamphlet or what they call the Shiny Leaflets. Clever, right? Here you can see some of the other products that Shiny Leaf offers. The Shiny Leaflet also has a discount coupon inside for your next purchase.