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Benefits of Rejuvenating Castor Oil for Skin and Hair

Hi guys! It’s Michelle and I’m back to do another review. Today I’m going to talk about Renewalize Castor Oil and how I used it. I’ve been looking forward to this review because I kept using the product until today. I mostly stop using the oils I review after two to three weeks. If I see great results, I continue using them. But I can’t seem to stop using this oil! Stay tuned to find out what made me like this product!

The Packaging

Bottle of Renewalize Castor Oil Label of Renewalize Castor Oil

Renewalize Castor Oil came in a small box that contains the bottle of castor oil. Inside is the bottle of castor oil, which is covered in bubble wrap. This product comes in a 4 fl oz bottle like most cold-pressed castor oil I’ve been using. The label has complete information like the product’s ingredient, distributor, certification, warnings, and even its shelf life. There is also an instruction on how to use the product for my skin and hair.

The product came in an amber glass bottle with glass dropper cap. The cap is wrapped in unbroken tamper-proof seal. This means the product wasn’t opened from the time it left the manufacturer. I like it when the oils I buy come in amber glass bottles because they tend to last longer when I store them. Amber glass bottle is the best container for organic oils. Castor oil is photosensitive, meaning that it has a chemical reaction when exposed to the sun. I don’t recommend containers made out of plastic and metal because they can change the composition and purity of the oil.

How Renewalize Castor Oil Looks and Feels

The smell is not overpowering and it goes away after a few minutes. Its scent is almost like the fragrance of crushed almonds.

Front label of Renewalize Castor Oil

The first thing I noticed about this oil when I opened the cap is its earthy scent. The smell is not overpowering and it goes away after a few minutes. Its scent is almost like the fragrance of crushed almonds. I always check the scent of the oils I buy. Pure organic castor oil should always have a scent even if it is mild. Refining oils can remove or add elements to the oil like scent and color using chemicals. I associate the earthy or nutty smell of castor oil to its purity. That is why I appreciate that this product smells so authentic.

Renewalize Castor Oil is unrefined, giving it a golden yellow color. I used the dropper to put a few drops on a small area at the back of my hands. When I smoothed it over, it feels really nice. I used my ring finger to rub it in circles. The oil feels silky on my skin. It is not runny like other carrier oils. In fact, this castor oil is really thick. However, it doesn’t feel greasy and the oil absorbs fast into my skin.

Using Renewalize Castor Oil

What I liked about this oil is that it goes on smooth. It absorbs fast and it doesn’t leave any residue.

Instructions on how to use the product

It says on the label that the oil is for external use only. The oil has a USDA Certified Organic seal and California Certified Organic Farmers seal too. I always look for these seals of approval when I’m choosing oils. I want to make sure that the products I am using are safe for my skin and hair.

Renewalize Castor Oil is recommended for external use on skin, hair, and face. The oil is really versatile and I found out that I can use it as an alternative to many personal care products. It is rich in moisture and nutrients that can improve how my skin and hair looks. I really love castor oil because I can use it in many ways.

I decided to try the product first on my eyelashes. My lashes look fine since I use castor oil on them every now and then. However, I’d like to see if this oil will make a difference. So there are two ways I used this castor oil. First is as a primer, which made my eyelashes look fuller and thicker. I apply the oil before I put on my mascara so my eyelashes don’t break when I take my makeup off. It’s common for me to see eyelashes fall off when I remove my makeup or wash my face. Using mascara every day makes the strands more brittle and prone to breakage. It doesn’t look like my lashes are thinning but I like to keep them looking full and thick as much as possible.

Information about the castor oil

I also used the oil to stimulate eyelash growth. This castor oil is organic and packs a lot of nutrients that can help improve the rate at which strands are growing. These nutrients nourish the follicles to stimulate hair growth. Castor oil is rich in essential fatty acids as well. These nutrients and essential fatty acids support the development of keratin, a protein that makes up your hair.

The methods I use to apply the oil as a primer and as a serum are different. I use the primer on the strands only. If you want to try the oil as a primer, here’s how to do it:

  1. Take a mascara wand and dip it in castor oil.
  2. Remove excess oil by running the wand against the bottle’s rim.
  3. Apply the oil first on the upper eyelashes. Start from the lower part of the strands and use upward strokes to cover their entire length.
  4. Repeat on the bottom eyelashes using downward strokes.
  5. Use the wand to separate eyelashes. This gives your lashes full coverage.

For eyelash growth, I only applied the oil to my lash line. This makes it easier for follicles to absorb the oil. I did this every night for two weeks straight. I used the oil as eyelash primer every day too. After just one week of use, I can already see the difference. What I liked about this oil is that it goes on smooth. It absorbs fast and it doesn’t leave any residue. The oil made my eyelashes fuller and thicker every time I apply it. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking but my eyelashes looked a bit thicker especially at the roots. I will continue to use this product to find out if it really helps grow thicker eyelashes.

I also tried the product for face cleanse. I only use the oil twice a week so I don’t break out suddenly. I liked how it removes deep-seated impurities to reveal a radiant skin underneath. It made my skin softer and suppler as well. The oil minimized pimples on my forehead too. As of today, I haven’t seen any grand results except for my eyelashes so I’ll keep using the product.

Final Thoughts on Renewalize Castor Oil

Using the oil as primer gave them a fuller appearance that I didn’t even need to wear fake lashes anymore.

Castor oil in amber glass bottle

This pure organic oil is so smooth even though it is thick. I like how silky it feels on my skin when I use it to cleanse my face. A small amount of the oil goes a long way too. This is why I was able to save so much oil even though I use it for my eyelashes and face cleanse. I haven’t tried it yet for my eyebrows but I think I will do it in the future.

The mild scent of the oil is not overpowering and it fades a few minutes after you apply it. Aside from the consistency and the smell of Renewalize Castor Oil, what I absolutely loved about this product is its benefits for my eyelashes. My lashes are quite long but they are not that thick. Using the oil as primer gave them a fuller appearance that I didn’t even need to wear fake lashes anymore. If you have sparse eyelashes or eyebrows, I recommend this oil.

More About Renewalize

Here’s a brand that truly cares about the quality of their products and customer experience. They use natural and organic ingredients to create the best formula for skin and hair. Renewalize ensures that you are getting high-quality products that can give you desired results. The brand offers free shipping on orders above $65.

Renewalize has a line of pure organic oils that are all high-quality. The brand believes that there should be nothing in the oil except botanical ingredients. These ingredients are safer and healthier for the body as well. This is how the brand keeps their oils effective. Try their products and discover the benefits of Renewalize organic oils for yourself!