100% Pure Castor Oil (2oz/60ml) USP Grade organic, cold pressed and pure hexane free carrier oil. For eyelashes, Laxative, hair growth & scalp treatment, eyebrows and skin.

Regent Naturals

Pure and Organic Castor Oil for Smoother Skin

Hello everybody, this is Michelle! I hope you guys are doing ok. Today I’ll be reviewing Regent Naturals Castor Oil. I just know that using this oil is going to be a great experience. The castor oil is USP grade, vegan, and Kosher certified. If you want to find out what these terms mean and why they are important, continue reading below!

The Packaging

Packaging of castor oil Bottle wrapped in tissue

When I got this product, I knew that I’m going to enjoy using it. The package came in perfect condition, there was no spillage or anything like that. It came in a small sturdy box with a label wrapped around it. The label has all the information I want to see. It has the size, manufacturer, ingredients, warning, and instructions on how to store and use the product. The bottle is covered in tissue and bubble-wrapped.

What makes this product unique, is that it is labeled USP grade, Kosher certified, and vegan certified. I know that you guys are more familiar with the term USDA Certified Organic, which means that the product is 100% organic. Vegan certified is another term that is common when it comes to castor oil. This castor oil is vegan certified and does not contain animal products or byproducts. Kosher certification means that the product, its ingredients, and processing of the product, conform to Jewish religious dietary law.

Labeled box of castor oil

USP grade, on the other hand, is a label for products that meet the United States Pharmacopeial Convention’s standards when it comes to purity. This means that Regent Naturals Castor Oil is certified pure organic by USP and you can use it to treat skin or scalp conditions. These labels are important if you are looking for effective castor oil products. This is why I was so excited to try it out.

This product comes in a 2 oz. bottle with glass dropper. According to the label, it is safe to use on skin, hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows. Since the oil is USP grade, it is safe to ingest in small amount.

How Regent Naturals Castor Oil Looks and Feels

It absorbed fast into my skin and the smell is mild. The back of my hand felt really soft and smooth after applying the oil.

Castor oil bottle wrapped in tissue paper

This castor oil has a pale yellow color and has a mild nutty and oily smell. The scent is so mild that I can barely smell it. The glass dropper is a nice touch because it was easier to take the amount I need.

To see how the product feels, I used the glass dropper and put a few drops on the back of my hands. It is thick, but when I smoothed it over my skin, it feels really silky. You guys should know that this is a characteristic of high-quality castor oil. It should not feel greasy even when the oil is thick. It absorbed fast into my skin and the smell is mild. The back of my hand felt really soft and smooth after applying the oil.

Using Regent Naturals Castor Oil

The difference is very little but the oil is working. It is reducing the appearance of my stretch mark!

Castor oil bottle

Before I used the oil, I did my research to find out other ways to use it. I discovered that the oil is safe to ingest. Since it is USP grade, the oil is pure and organic. There are no warnings indicated on the label too. Regent Naturals Castor Oil is USP grade, so it’s ok to take internally. Just to be safe guys, if you want to take castor oil internally, I suggest that you use no more than one tablespoon of castor oil in one day.

The brand recommends this oil for stretch marks so I thought I’d try it. Stretch marks are the bane of all women. They are not something I feel ashamed about. Stretch marks are very common among women, but it doesn’t make them less frustrating to look at. I tried various products like shea butter and coconut oil but they don’t work for me. So I tried this oil, hoping that it could at least lessen the appearance of stretch marks.

I used the oil every night after shower and before going to bed. I massaged the oil to the affected area for five minutes. It helps improve blood flow too. The first week of using the oil was not fruitful. I didn’t see any effects. However, on the eleventh day of using the oil, I noticed that they look like they are fading. They felt smoother and less bumpy too. Honestly, I didn’t expect it to work this much. The difference is very little but the oil is working. It is reducing the appearance of my stretch mark! I continued to use the product and I’m hoping for better results. I’ll keep you guys posted on any changes in the future!

Instructions on castor oil uses and benefits

Another use of the oil is for my back acne. I have this habit of leaving conditioners on my hair for 3-5 minutes. My favorite conditioner makes my hair really soft and beautiful, but it’s not as good for my skin. Sometimes, when I forget to wear a shower cap as I wait for my hair to soak up the conditioner, I wake up to back acne the next morning. I tried the oil on my back acne and it healed after four days of continued use. What I did was I mixed ½ tablespoon of Regent Naturals Castor Oil and ½ tablespoon of sweet almond oil. I applied it on my back after showering.

Since the oil is so versatile, I tried it on my eyebrows as a primer. There’s only half of the bottle left since I used it many times, but I was able to stretch it out for two weeks.

What I did was I used a clean mascara wand and put it on my eyebrows after washing my face and before putting on makeup. I waited for my eyebrows to absorb all the oil before I put on eyebrow pencil and gel. This makes my eyebrows look shinier and thicker especially after I coat it in eyebrow gel. This protects the strands from damage as well so they don’t break or fall out even after wiping the gel off my eyebrows! Since I know that I’m going to use all of the product, I asked a friend beforehand to try it out for her hair. She has very thin hair and it was evident especially at her crown. Her scalp is noticeable, and there are patches on some parts of her scalp.

My friend, Jen, used it as hot oil treatment. She told me she noticed that her hair felt thicker and more resilient after two weeks of using the oil. When we met after, I saw that her scalp doesn’t show as much. She had a lot of small hair growing at her scalp too. Jen also told me that my eyebrows looked different. If you want to try the product for your hair, this is the method I told her to try:

  1. Wet your hair and scalp using warm water. Avoid soaking your hair in water.
  2. Apply the oil starting from the roots to the tips. Massage the oil onto your scalp for five minutes.
  3. Cover with a shower cap and wrap it with a tshirt or towel. Leave on for 15 minutes and wash off using cold or lukewarm water.

Final Thoughts on Regent Naturals Castor Oil

This oil is very effective and I would recommend this to anyone. I’ll probably buy one for my sister so she can try it out too.

Back part of castor oil label

After trying various products that claim to reduce stretch marks, I finally found the oil that works for me. Regent Natural Castor Oil is heaven sent. This product made my stretch marks fade a little bit so I will continue to use it. The oil is very easy to use too. A drop of castor oil works a long way to help heal my skin. I’ve been using the oil for two weeks now and there’s still less than half left.

This oil is very effective and I would recommend this to anyone. I’ll probably buy one for my sister so she can try it out too. I haven’t used the oil on my hair and scalp but if you want to use it, leave a message and tell me how it went for you!

More from Regent Naturals

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