Pure Organic Cold Pressed Castor Oil USDA Certified for Eyelashes Growth Serum, Promotes Eyebrows & Eyelash Growth from Natural Riches, 1 fl oz Contains five sets of eyelash and eyebrow brushes

Natural Riches

The Goodness of Nature in Every Bottle

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional information. Please see The Packaging section of this review.

Hi, Michelle here and today I’m going to review the Natural Riches Castor Oil. This oil is organic and cold pressed. It comes with a great price too. Let’s see what it has to offer.

The Packaging

When the Nature Riches Castor Oil was delivered, it came in a small box about the size of a shoe box. The bottle didn’t have any protective wrapping but luckily, it was not broken when it was delivered. Nestled within the box are the mascara wands and brushes. These came in a small clear plastic. The bottle was a clear glass bottle topped off with a glass dropper.

Natural Riches Castor Oil Natural Riches Castor Oil

Product Update: The Natural Riches Organic Castor Oil is now also sold in a 16 oz. bottle. While the 1 oz. bottle is specifically advertised for the eyelashes, the bigger bottle is advertised for your eyebrows, eyelashes, hair, and skin. I advise getting this instead of the smaller bottle since the price difference isn’t that much and the castor oil is just as good. The 16 oz. bottle is also in an amber plastic bottle instead of the clear 1 oz. glass bottle. Though I do prefer a glass bottle, I like that the bottle is dark so that it is protected from sunlight and would not affect the nutrients of the castor oil. A glass 16 oz. bottle probably isn’t ideal for shipping.

How Natural Riches Castor Oil Looks and Feels

A good tip to try is to use a very small amount first.

I tried using it on my eyebrows to see how it does. I have to say the product is a bit thick and gooey. I applied just a few drops on the mascara wand to put on my brows and still, it felt like a lot. A good tip to try is to use a very small amount first. I tried two drops and a lot of it flowed down to my eyes and face as I lay down to sleep. My eyes got a bit irritated on my first try but maybe it’s because I used a lot.  The next night I went for 1 drop only and that seemed to do the trick.

Natural Riches Castor Oil

The oil does not have any unpleasant smell. Marc said that he could hardly smell anything when I asked him to take a whiff. The color can clearly be seen with the bottle being clear and all. Its color is pale yellow just like many other castor oils. When I applied it on my eyebrows the first time it absorbed slightly longer that’s why it flowed down to my face. On the second day when I used a smaller amount of oil, it went into my skin really well and did not fall down from my brows to my face. After I applied the oil using the mascara brush, I also massaged my eyebrow area gently to give myself a self-massage. I have only been using it for a few weeks and I’ve noticed that there are hairs growing in places where they have not grown before.

The oil does not have any unpleasant smell.

  Natural Riches Castor Oil

I also tried this oil on my hair because they needed some pampering. I mixed it with some avocado oil and made a hot oil treatment out of it. I gently massaged the oil mix into my hair starting with the scalp. I felt myself relaxing while I was kneading the oil into my scalp and hair. I wrapped my hair in a towel that I soaked in some hot water to heat the oil up just a bit and left it on for about 15 minutes. When I rinsed the oil off my hair it was so soft and silky and very manageable. My comb glided through my hair easily. At 1 oz. or 30 ml, the oil’s price point is just about right. Because the oil is thick, using just a little will go a long way. I really love it.

Because the oil is thick, using just a little will go a long way.

Final Thoughts on Natural Riches Castor Oil

This oil is a great oil to use for any number of purposes. Use it on your eyelashes and eyebrows to make them grow stronger, thicker and fuller. Use them for your hair to make it softer and more manageable. I love how the oil is very versatile. Just make sure to use only a few drops, as this oil is quite thick and gooey. I recommend the Nature Riches Castor oil for people who want fuller and longer lashes and brows.

Natural Riches Castor Oil

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They also have some Antifungal Tea Tree Oil Body Wash which are great for athletes and people who are constantly active. They also have a product called the Wonder Cream that promises to get rid of stretch marks and scars.