Body Wonders Castor Oil, Hexane Free for Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails, 16 fl oz / 473 ml

Body Wonders

For Healthy Hair and Skin

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with a new soap recipe. Check out How Body Wonders Castor Oil Looks and Feels section of this review. 

Today I’m reviewing another promising product the Body Wonders Castor Oil. Hi, Michelle here. I’ve got a great product today that I’m excited to share with you. Let’s start.

The Packaging

I got the package delivered on time. It arrived in a packaging envelope lined with bubble wrap. When I opened the package, the bottle of oil looks like it did on the internet. The bottle is made of clear plastic and has a plastic screw cap similar to a lotion. It did not come with a tamper proof seal.

Body Wonders Castor Oil

How Body Wonders Castor Oil Looks and Feels

It smells a bit strong but it’s not unpleasant.

The oil itself is thick like any quality castor oil should feel. It has a consistency of honey. It smells a bit strong but it’s not unpleasant. If you still cannot stand the smell, I suggest you try mixing the oil with other scented essential oils such as lavender or peppermint oils before applying on your face, hair, and body. Mixing it with different oils will not make the product less effective so don’t you worry about that.

Castor oil has highly moisturizing properties so adding them to soaps will nourish the skin and make it really soft and smooth.

I tried using to oil to make homemade soaps to give as gifts to my friends. Castor oil has highly moisturizing properties so adding them to soaps will nourish the skin and make it really soft and smooth. The castor oil helped create a rich lather in my soaps and I can’t wait for my friends to try them out.

Recipe Update: I tried to make soap that was heavily based on castor oil since I had so much castor oil around. Since I had a 16 oz. bottle of Body Wonders Castor Oil, I decided to use it.

This is a simple lavender-castor oil soap recipe. Castor oil’s moisturizing ability combined with coconut oil’s cleansing power and lavender oil’s relaxing scent make the soap a great product to add to your skin care regimen. It has been tried and tested by my friends and they loved it.

Ingredients for a 9 oz. bar soap:

  • 5 oz. of Castor Oil
  • 2 oz. of Coconut Oil
  • 5 drops of Lavender Essential Oil
  • 0.675 oz. of Sodium Hydroxide Lye
  • 1.65 oz. of distilled water

All I do is blend ingredients together with an immersion blender. Do this until the raw soap begins to thicken and place the batter into a square silicone mold. Don’t be afraid if the batter is too thick and sticky. Once it is on the mold, it should firm up after an hour because of its consistency. Try it out for yourself!

This oil is great for making hair grow longer and stronger too. When you massage the oil into your hair and scalp, it stimulates all your hair follicles to push them into producing healthy hair. If you suffer from hair loss, patches in your head and thinning hair, you can use the Body Wonders Castor oil to sort of nudge your scalp into growing hair. You’ll surely see results after a few months of using this oil. Don’t worry about running out of oil. The product is 16 oz. of hexane free oil that’s not tested on animals and is free of preservatives.

Castor oil can help reduce pain in inflammation.

Castor Oil is also known for its uses in eyelash lengthening and eyebrow thickening. This one does not come with any brush so you need to buy a disposable mascara wand or eyeliner brush before you can put it on your eyelashes. To use this oil, place a drop of oil onto the brush and carefully swipe it along your eyelashes. Use the oil at night before you go to sleep and then wash it off in the shower in the morning. Just be careful not to put oil on your eyeballs or poke your eyes with the mascara wand.

Body Wonders Castor Oil

The thickness of the oil did not stop me from using it as a massage oil. Castor oil can help reduce pain in inflammation so every time my legs feel sore from running, I just massage a few drops of this oil to relieve the pain. I often enlist Marc’s help to do this. The oil takes a few minutes before it is absorbed completely into my skin so I only use a few drops when massaging my legs.

Final Thoughts on Body Wonders Castor Oil

The Body Wonders Castor Oil is a great oil to have around the house to help you with many types of face, hair and body issues. This oil has a great price point and is very affordable. You can create lots of homemade soaps with this oil like I did. You can also add it to shampoos and conditioners to make hair smooth and manageable.

More From Body Wonders

Body Wonders creates high quality products that are made with all-natural ingredients. These ingredients are sourced all over the world and have met the highest standards that Body Wonders have set. They ensure that these products are safe for use even for people with sensitive skin. They also make sure that the products are just as effective or better than similar synthetic or chemical based products.

Other than Essential Oils, Body Wonders also makes products that focus skin and hair care. These products include luscious Body Butters, nourishing Vitamin E oil and moisturizing Vegetable Glycerin.  Use the Sweet Almond Oil and the body butter containing Argan Oil to nourish hair to make it shiny and manageable. Fight the signs of aging with the Ageless Pomegranate of the Flawless Asian Lily Body Butter. These products are perfect for everyday use.